Summer Reading is Almost Here!

Unmask3Students in grades 5-12 are invited to participate in the teen summer reading program, Unmask. A complete schedule of events is listed on the Belgrade Library website or on this blog. Beginning June 1, teens can also submit book reviews online or at the library for a chance at winning a fun prize. Any teen that completes 3 reviews will receive a coupon for a free pizza. If you write even one review, you will be invited to our After Hours Minute to Win It lock in on Friday, July 31. Every review also earns an entry toward fun prizes like gift cards to the mall and a complete hardback set of the Divergent trilogy.  The best written review will receive the “Librarian’s Choice” award. We give points for creativity and style! All winners will be announced August 22.

Curious about what other local teens are reading? Read reviews from your peers on the BCL.Teens blog beginning this summer.

The teen summer reading program, including all prizes, is generously sponsored by the Yellowstone Club Community  Foundation.

The Results are In!

Imaginator CropWe had many excellent reviews this year, and it was a pleasure reading all of them.  I am happy to announce the winners of the Spark a Reaction reading program:

Jayde O. (7th) – iPad Mini
Audrey V. (7th) – Harry Potter series
Montana I. (9th) – Movie tickets for 2
Clarissa R. (9th) – Autographed copy of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
Jayden M. (8th) – Spark a Reaction T-shirt
Bobby B. (7th) – Amazon gift card for middle school Librarian’s Choice for his review of Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls
Ian G. (12th) – Amazon gift card for high school Librarian’s Choice for his review of Dracula by Bram Stoker

Don’t forget to collect your pizza coupon if you wrote three reviews! The following reviewers earned a free Stageline pizza this summer:

Raquelle (6th grade)
Jayde O. (7th grade)
Emma M. (8th grade)
Julia B. (9th grade)
Caren G. (10th grade)
Jessica B. (7th grade)
Jayden M. (8th grade)
Audrey V. (9th grade)
Jessica G. (9th grade)
Montana I. (9th grade)
Clarissa R. (9th grade)
Abigail S. (10th grade)
Ian G. (12th grade)
Verenice R. (8th grade)
Charlisa T. (7th grade)

Other than the Librarian’s Choice awards and pizza coupons, all prizes were selected using the random number generator on The library received 146 entries from Gallatin County 6-12th graders.

Thank you to our generous sponsor, the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation. Without YCCF, the teen summer program would not have been possible. Through the foundation’s generous sponsorship, the library offered teen programs and students were challenged to improve their literacy, science, and math skills over the summer break.  Please visit to learn more about how YCCF gives back to the community.

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Over 100 Reviews!

Yahoo! We’ve received over 100 entries for the teen summer reading program, Spark a Reaction. Summer is almost over, but it’s not too late to submit a review. There are great prizes this year sponsored by the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation, and for the best written review there will be a mystery Librarian’s Choice award. The drawing will take place a week from Friday!


Book coverTitle: Dracula

Author: Bram Stoker

Star Ranking: ***** (Everybody should read this book)

Reviewer: Ian G. (12th grade)

Describe the book in your own words:  Transylvania. A tall, dark man in a flowing cape. Wolves and bats respond to his every call. Everyone has heard the story of Dracula. So few have entered his world. A world of dark passions and true courage. A world of love and hate, despair and hope, sorrow and joy. The world of Dracula. Enter if you dare.

What did you think?: Dracula is an incredible literary work. It captures the imagination with action around every bend. Just when you think things arae resolving, a darker horror appears on the horizon. Horrors are glimpsed from a distance at first, but as the story goes on, you are drawn deeper into a world of seduction and death. Deeper meanings are weaved all throughout the story.

Who would you recommend it to? (For example, middle school students, mystery lovers, football fans, etc.): Anyone who loves mystery, fantasy, horror, romance, philosophy or the great classics will enjoy this book. The philosophy that is within these pages is astounding if you look for it. Truths are hidden here that defy logic. You will leave this book a changed person. Best for readers ages 15 and up.

Summer of the Monkeys

Book CoverTitle: Summer of the Monkeys
Author: Wilson Rawls
Star Ranking: ***** (Everybody should read this book)

Reviewer: Bobby B. (7th grade)

Describe the book in your own words:  Life is full of surprises…birthdays, holidays, and graduations are all full of surprises.  In Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls, there is a different surprise…monkeys near a small farm in Kansas.

Jay Berry is a fourteen year old boy who lives with his family on a small farm in the Cherokee Valley of Kansas.  jay learns that there are monkeys in the river bottoms near his farm, and with the help of  his grandpa and his dog, he tries to catch them for a reward.

Through his monkey-catching endeavors, Jay loses gains and, most importantly, learns a lot.  When Jay finally realizes that gaining trust is the answer to catching his little friends, he does just that and leads the whole caboodle into the corn crib.

What did you think?: I liked this story a bunch.  Through-out the book, I found myself laughing, and at the end, I almost cried.  I admire Wilson Rawls as a writer and would like to recommend his other book Where the Red Fern Grows.